Find and eliminate the root cause(s) of your 
chronic condition and come back to happy.

Hi, I’m Laura-Jean Anderson, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to live with your chronic health challenges, such as depression, anxiety. 

You’d be amazed to learn that by implementing simple diet and lifestyle changes you can get back to feeling like yourself again, even if you’ve tried a lot things before and nothing has worked, and you’re super frustrated.
Finally! Identify your root cause(s) that made you sick for years
Through an extensive and highly customized assessment, you will be able to identify the very hidden triggers that have made you sick in the past. I’ll show you how to stop or eliminate them from your life.

I partner with you step-by-step to create your integrated, holistic lifestyle changes. You will discover how you can feel lighter, have more energy and feel calm and happy again so you can feel connected to the people in your life and excited to get up in the morning ready to face your day. 
The link between your brain and your digestive system are intricately connected. Inflammation in your gut or a leaky gut can be causing inflammation in your brain. You don’t have a “broken brain“ or a Prozac or Xanax deficiency, and all your problems aren’t rooted in your childhood. All your problems are not rooted in your child hood.  

You might be thinking, “What is the gut –brain connection and how can it be impacting my moods and emotions and sleep?”  

The gut brain connection is the 2 way super highway upon which all messages between the two travel. It is also the pathway that bugs and bacteria and undigested proteins get into the brain and start wreaking havoc with your Mood, Emotions basically –your LIFE.  
Ground breaking research is being made every day on the microbiome, the bacteria in our gut and how it impacts our brain’s immune system. Yes , you heard me right, resent research discovered that our brains have an immune system of their own. When it gets triggered, it is very hard to shut off. Research on Neuroplasticity as well as other healing modalities like essential oil therapy. You will get the benefits of that research today. You won’t need to wait the average 7 -14 years for medical research breakthoughs to make it into the day to day systems doctors utilize with their patients.  

Proven-Science Based Step by Step Formula to eliminating Anxiety and Depression. When you understand how things get wonky, or out of balance by learing your unique triggers you can get started on the healing. I seen so many others do this and I want that for you too.

There are lots of positive side effects to this healing process, such as more energy, clear skin, balanced emotions, weight loss, clear thinking, feeling good about yourself and therefore happier in your relationships. 

Say goodbye to sleepless nights, joint pain and migraines...   

"I am a successful executive leading a typical “Type A” existence: lots of travel, managing people, disputes, business risk. In short, a life chock full of stress. So health has always seemed a relative condition, you get as much as you can but as long as you can get through the days you’re okay. I hardly knew what “good sleep” was. And over the years I had become used to a certain amount of pain, usually in my joints, something that was a natural and inevitable part of aging. But it was the “brain fog” – a vague lapse of concentration or memory – that finally convinced me I had a problem.

In our work together Laura-Jean helped me understand that it wasn’t about taking things away as much as adding in other things, foods that turned out to be just as delicious and satisfying as the ones that I had eaten from habit.  Needless to say, all of this has had a profound effect on my life. At work I am more comfortable, more alert. I make better decisions. I move more easily and without pain. My energy levels are more constant and I’m clearly more productive than I have been in years. I don’t miss the foods and habits that weren’t serving me. It’s as if the aging clock got turned back, and I love how I feel each day. And I have Laura-Jean to thank for this. She was able to understand what was going on and what I needed to change to get back control of my life and my health. "
~ Jon Wright, International Finance, Switzerland

"Laura-Jean helped my daughter so much. She was really feeling hopeless and so very stressed and contained in her own small world afraid of other people and what they were thinking of her. It was hard for her to get to classes and she didn’t want to do anything. Already from reading and doing the things in her Stress Busting Tool Kit she was feeling better immediately. Now she is happy and focused on her school and liking where she is at. "
~ Steph S. Italy 
Easy to fit into your busy Schedule and lifestyle. 
Each week you will have a group call and learn key concepts for your success and simple lifestyle shifts that will get you feeling like yourself again. 
Customized protocol and personalized attention. 
Together we will go through a step by step process to help identify your unique triggers and design a healing protocol just for you.  
Step by Step 
Community Support 
One of the most healing powers we can utilize is the healing power of community and know you are not alone and you have support!! You will have lots of it on the closed Facebook Group! 
Laura-Jean Anderson, the founder and creator of Happiness Genes(TM) is on a mission to change the way we understand and treat mental health challenges. A Psychotherapist and Certified Holistic Health Consultant with 25 years of experience, she knows first hand that treating the symptoms of mental and physical illness is only a temporary measure, and that diet, lifestyle and targeted nutrition are the key to mental and physical healing and long-term health.

She shows those struggling with chronic anxiety and depression how to stop their suffering by healing the root causes of their condition instead of medicating their symptoms for years and years with no end in sight.

Through her life (and brain) changing Happy Genes(TM) programs, she helps her clients to systematically eliminate toxins, food sensitivities and other root causes so their body is able to return to its natural self-healing state—which is when their Happy Genes get turned back on. Once the body is in healing mode, Laura assists her clients with her extensive therapist experience in adopting healthy thinking habits, and sustaining happy lifestyle changes.

To learn more how you can put an end to your chronic depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges, go to

If you are ready to look at what is keeping you sick , anxious and/or depressed.
 If you want to take the next step to get you out of the hole you feel you are in 
and out in the light again...
Space on for these discovery healing sessions are limited. 

 On the call you will discover your next best move, identify your health goals and challenges and what has been standing in your way. You will walk away with your next best action to take to get you to achieve those goals.  

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